A practicing artist for over seven years my work predominantly uses screen and new media technologies.  Of the commissions and projects I’ve worked on the majority have been sited in the public domain with audience intervention and interaction integral to the pieces.

Using a palette comprising video, sound, digital media, environmental and sculptural props, I create settings, which build on notions of play and interplay to engage and immerse the viewer in an experience that is uniquely generated and owned by them. Each piece is devised and developed on the basis of how the viewer may interact with it, and how skillfully I can drive the technology. I come from a creative technical background, working with technologies such as motion tracking and proximity sensoring. The aesthetic I place on my work juxtaposes the natural with algorithmically based or artificial patterning.

Works that exemplify this approach include Uncomfortable Silences, a dinner table installation with a twist in the tale, GOSSIP a digital flicker board which puts out viewers quotes, truths and outright lies as its information; and If There is Nothing There…, a public artwork that has the 'public' as the focal point.


Educated in Contemporary Arts at BA level and with an MA in Creative Technologies from De Montfort University I have advanced skills and experience of working with photography, film and video, sound, interactive design.  I have extensive knowledge of a number of proprietary (Director, Flash, Izzadora, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Avid, After Effects, Motion, Combustion, and Photoshop) and open source software packages (Processing, Quartz Composer, GIMP, and Audacity), along with a good working knowledge Mac OS X, Windows (all versions) and Linux operating systems.  I have a broad understanding of programming and coding with a grasp of procedural, object orientated and nodal based programming paradigms.

Along with project managing my own exhibitions I have years of experience of working with community and young people on arts projects.  Examples include Cell, which was a series of creative technology workshops aimed at young offenders, culminating in a multi-disciplinary exhibition in the cells at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. Reality Bytes, was an intensive 2 month programme of workshops working with young Asian women to create a series of interactive screen based installations which were shown as part of Nottingham’s Now festival.  And Revolve was a project working with an ‘entry to employment’ group to create a firework, sound and video display for bonfire night.

Complementing my community and artistic career history I have experience of managing the technical delivery of a number of festivals, including Nottingham’s Now festival, Game City, Nott Dance and Body Space Image festival and eXpo.  I have also worked in theatre generating video content as part of production’s set design and have run software training programmes for the NHS and financial sector, teaching staff how to edit video.




"The work that Tom did was of outstanding quality and imagination, and he worked extremely well to our specific brief.  The technical problems that were presented at a historic site were smoothly overcome, and the finished work looked wonderful and impressed our guests at the event.  We did not want to overwhelm the grandeur of the building, or offer work that was inappropriate for the tone of a business event, and Tom's creations reflected these needs perfectly.  We received several very positive comments from senior business people attending the event, and our principal sponsor requested artist's details so that he could contact Tom about future collaborations.  I recommend Tom's work highly."

Debbie Read
Director of Arts and Business East Midlands

"What is very impressive with Hall’s work is that the audience experience it as a creative expression of ideas firstly and then begin to become conscious of the technology driving the expression post the primary cognition. This ability to use technology as an innovative tool to construct art works where the reception of the art work is not, more or less, an exclusive feeling that this is just a clever deployment of a technology, is important. Thomas Hall blends his knowledge of technology with considerable conceptual sophistication where the technology is a tool to express ideas as art works...This ability to articulate, sometimes complex ideas, to people is a skill. Further to this Hall's work has reviewed the contextual aspects of place in relation to where the work has occurred. Consequently such contextual reviews have brought social, political and community ideas into and through his installations. He has a clear knowledge of audience."

John Newling
Professor of installation Art at Nottingham Trent University

“The interactive piece we showcased was  innovative, of a high quality and met the aims of the screen project. I also very much appreciated Thomas’s efforts to make sure the piece was appropriate as well as the care and time he devoted to the piece once it was up an running. The process of producing this work for the screen has been collaborative and enjoyable.”
Louise Angell
Screen Manager  BBC Big Screen Derby

"NOW has worked with Tom Hall in a number of capacities, and have always enjoyed working with him. He has been a valuable part of our production team bringing a range of expertise particularly in enabling us to work with new technologies and also being sensitive to the support needed by younger artists in our former recent graduate showcase programme, eXpo. More significantly we have worked with Tom in his role as part of Low Brow Trash in two successful projects in recent years. The commission, Model Citizen, in 2004 connected with new - and indeed, unsuspecting - audiences in ways that gave great pleasure and intrigue to huge numbers of people passing by a prominent position in Nottingham's city centre. Tom is a thoughtful, joy with whom to work."
Mark Dey
Director of NOW





  • Top Shot (2009) – Collaboration with Mark Parry.  Interactive dance piece based on Busby Berkley’s renowned camera technique.  Shown at Swindon Dance.
  • Exquisite Corpse (2009) – Interactive Big Screen work premiered at the Glastonbury Festival.
  • IDLE (2009) – A reactionary body of work, created in collaboration with Thomas Sweeney, that looks at the laziness of technology. Presented in Leicester and Nottingham.
  • Sirens (2009) – Funded by Arts Council England – Immersive choral sculptural, sound and video installation - Shown LCB Depot Leicester and Sound and Music Expo Leeds.
  • If There’s Nothing There (2008) – User generated audio/visual work, shown at BBC Big Screen Derby, 2008 and Sonic Arts Expo Brighton 2008.
  • Untitled (2008) – Kedleston Hall – Large dynamic video projection for Arts & Business Awards on the front façade of the historic building.
  • Behind Closed Doors (2007) – Architecture Week - Interactive miniature installation.
  • Genuine Old School Schedule Information Point (2006) – Commissioned: Phoenix Arts, Leicester – Temporary interactive projection sited at LCB Depot. 
  • For Amusement Only (2006) – Commissioned: De Montfort University, Leicester - Multi user motion tracking piece.  Toured in 2007.
  • Model Citizen (2004) – Commissioned: NOW Festival, Nottingham – Interactive installation sited in Market Square, Nottingham.  Also shown at Radiator Festival 2006 and Ballina Arts Centre Ireland, July 2007.
  • TAG (2003). Commissioned: Arnofini, Bristol - Screen based and motion tracking installation.  Also shown at Manchester Green Room, 2003; Nottingham Powerhouse 2004; Derby Q-Arts, 2006. Ipswich gallery 2007.
  • Rapid Eye Movement (2003) – Commissioned: South West Screen and Dance South West - Short dance film
  • The Unusual Suspects (2003) – Commissioned: Bonington Gallery, Nottingham - Interactive video installation.
  • One Eight Hundred (2002). Commissioned: Arnolfini, Bristol - Tactile sculptural installation using Quick Time Virtual Reality panoramas. Also shown at the NOW Festival, Nottingham, 2002 and Podewill, Berlin 2003.