Table Toy (Working Title)

Taking the old style table-top video games as a starting point, this project is to be an interactive audio visual piece.  Designed for up to 4 players each will have control over a graphical form which generates a different musical tone as it moves around the screen.  The players can either play the game randomly or collaborate to create a musical composition. I have already begun to develop the back end technology to drive the graphic and sonic output, however further development of the visual and audio content, the audience control mechanisms and physical interface are still required.

Untitled Anaglyph matrix sequencer

The experience of making and playing with large screen based interactive works at the Glastonbury festival has shaped the way I approach this type of work. One main lesson I learnt was that of knowing who your audience are, their expectations and the premise you put upon your work to them. What would work well in the public realm (such as Glastonbury) may not work well in a gallery type placing. And vice versa. It doesn’t mean that things have to be dumbed down; it also doesn’t mean that things need a 4-page essay to justify itself and critical worth. Some things (art) should just be allowed to be, therefore allowing its audience to take with them what they want.

Based upon these notions and interests I'm working to create a fun toy, that gives the viewer/listener a creative empowerment from their interaction.

Mass Pong (Working Title)

Based on the classis arcade game Pong, ‘Mass Pong’ (working title), uses the viewer to physically control the game play.

With a live camera framing the interaction area, the participants are tracked from the live feed into a computer. A ‘bounding box’ is placed on screen, around each player. These boxes become the players game paddles. A square graphical representation of a ball starts to bounce around the screen using the edges to change direction and delfection. There will be two open spaces within the frame which will act as goal posts. Teams will be self defined by the players. As the ball hits the sides or another player, a new musical note or motif will be played. The more frantic the viewers play the game, the more dynamic the music will become.

This work is being developed for delivery on the BBC Big Screens network. Image to come soon...