Exquisite Corpse:

First shown at the Glastonbury Festival 2009.

The Surrealist art movement of the 1920s took the Victorian parlour game ‘Consequences’ and applied it to generate abstracted images and thus the ‘Exquisite Corpse’ was born. The game has a simple structure.  A sheet of paper is folded into 3.  The folds are made so as not to reveal what has, and what is being drawn.  On the top section the first player draws a head and shoulders.  On the middle section the second player draws a body and on the bottom section the third player draws the legs and feet.   It is this visual construct that is the basis for this piece, translating it into an audience interactive, new media installation. This piece will continue to grow and have more variations.

A false wall or theatrical flat can be used as a background for the participants to have their photographs taken against. A pressure pad or other switch will trigger the capture system. The live video is then fed into the array of footage to be manipulated by the bespoke software.

Once the footage is captured, the material gets divided into three equal sections. Each of these sections are then added into the arrays. The computer randomly plays sections from each array to construct an ever changing and growing number of ‘Exquisite Corpses’ on the Big Screen or projected surface.