Shown at: The Great Central, Leicester (May 2009)
Idle Assesment: Broadway, Nottingam (August 2009)

Hall & Sweeney presented a body of work that looks at the effortless ways in which technology has allowed people to class themselves as ‘a creative’. Constantly we have access, via the Internet, to art and media that purports itself to be of value. The content on offer to us is mostly, nothing more than self-indulgence.

Never before have such powerful tools been available to the masses to allow them to realise ideas. But with these tools, the individuals creative output is becoming a pre-determined homogeny of instantly gratifying results leaving the ‘creative type’ marveling in their own glory, whilst the viewer left with feelings of déjà vu.

IDLE humorously reacts to this form of lazy creativity and questions the quality, originality and ownership of output from these ‘art-at-a-click-of-a-mouse’ packages and devices. Idle pushes the viewer to be fully complicit as spectator, subject and performer.

Parts of the exhibition contains explicit references that are not suitable for those under the age of 18 or for those who are easily offended.


We believe:

Re-appropriation is a weasel word for theft.  Photoshop is a noun not a verb.  Being an artist is full-time. The Mac versus PC debate is redundant, the answer is obvious.  Thinking and talking about trivia is not an intellectual pastime.  Actions speak louder than words.  Discourse between esoteric peers is not a satisfactory contribution to mankind. Email funnies are not.  Not everyone is worthy of 15 minutes of fame.  Sitting in an ivory tower, basking in one’s perceived glory is mere vanity.  Because it’s interactive doesn’t mean it’s interesting.  Using pre-recorded music loops to create a sound score is cheating. Recognition of originality should not be dependent on the citation of others.  Mapping is not drawing and is dull, dull, dull.  Qualifications are not a guarantee of quality.  Those who can, do, those who can’t, can only comment.  Recording video games is not animation.  Art should not need a ten page essay to justify its existence.  Using filters because they’re there over eggs the pudding.  Creative Commons is not an excuse for plagiarism.  The talentless celebrity needs to be saved from themself.  Technology is a medium not the message.  E-fame does not equate to credibility.  Critical ‘thinkers’ devalue effort.  The art is more important than the curation.

Ideas are cheap, realisation costs (pay your dues).

Hall & Sweeney, 2009

The Viral Videos:

Every week leading up to the opening of IDLE, Hall & Sweeney created a new viral video and posted it to the networks of potential visitors to the exhibition.




The Convenient Show

Hall & Sweeney made their own version of televised cultural offerings to place context upon their reactionary work.

Thoughts on the process and final exhibition: