If There's Nothing...

Shown: BBC Big Screen, Derby (May 2008)
Sonic Arts Network, Expo Brighton (July 2008)

The viewer is confronted by a blank screen. As the viewer walks into the plane of the screen, they see a real-time slice of their form appear at the top of the projected image. The slice is then delayed and repeated below the real-time slice. The delay repeatedly happens until the frame is filled with a time-abstracted form of their presence within the space.

Sonically a similar process happens. There is nothing to hear until the viewer crosses the screen plane. The viewers' form is analyzed by colour and location. The data that is collected then forms the basis on how the audio is played and in turn, interpreted by the viewer.

The interest for me lies within the viewer needing to actively participate to make anything happen. There is, in effect, a blank canvas and it is up to the viewer to negotiate this and ‘create’ something from nothing. Their presence will leave a unique mark or memory both visually and sonically, therefore the interpretation of what the audio/visual outcome might be depends on their own physical engagement with the work leaving a blurred line over the ownership.