Shown at: LCB Depot Leicester (April 2009),
EXPO Leeds (September 2009)

Hypnotic and enchanting Sirens is an immersive aural and visual experience, resonating the allure and seductiveness of the mythical sea deities.  Enticed into the installation by an ever changing musical arrangement of voices the viewer is surrounded by imposing sculptural forms, evoking impressions of being trapped in the hull of a boat or caught in the clutches of a pair of hands.  Each experience is unique to the individual viewer.

Laid out in a circular configuration, ten video monitors, mounted within a sculptural form at head height, each depicting a close-up of a female vocalist’s mouth will emit, at random, notes sung from across the four vocal ranges, alto, bass, tenor and soprano.  Sung at varying lengths (five, fifteen and thirty seconds) and in the scale of Cminor13 with an additional D in the Soprano and Bass for colour and resonance, the notes combine to create unique compositions and harmonies for each viewer.

Thomas Hall gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance and practical support of the Phoenix Arts Centre, the School of Art & Design - Nottingham Trent University, and Arts Council England in enabling this project to happen.