Top Shot
Thomas Hall & Mark Parry

First shown at Swindon Dance (July 2009)

An interactive installation where the viewers actively shape and become part of the work, creating the movement of their own chorus line.

The viewers enter the space through a dressed arch. A spotlight shines down onto the floor and is seen replicated on a screen in front of them. As the viewer steps into the spotlight they see a birds’ eye view of themselves on the screen and are joined by multiples of themselves and other dancers.  As they move around in the spotlight the chorus follow their lead moving in kaleidoscopic patterns and steps associated with one of a number of dance styles, including Busby Berkeley, disco, western line dance, corps de ballet, tap, Bollywood, Cossack, hiphop. The viewer becomes the creator or choreographer, of their own mass dance routine in a new take on Busby Berkeley’s cinematic ‘Top Shot’.

The idea is to create a dynamic and genuinely creative experience that feeds on the joy of dancing en masse and the wish fulfillment of stepping from the stalls into the silver screen. This is an engaging environment for an audience viewing the flowing patterns of movement on the screen as well as those actively participating in their creation. As other viewers enter the spotlight new patterns and dancers appear, the flow and rhythm of which are defined by what they do in the spotlight, creating a unique experience for each audience member. They can be as pedestrian or dynamic as they choose, or their bodies allow – the depth of the experience is not dependent on movement skill or athleticism and is intended for a wide audience.