The Unusual Suspects

Shown at: Bonnington Gallery Nottingham (2003)

'Hand me the keys you fucking cocksucker'

This is a line taken directly from the film "the Usual Suspects" and is the focus of the work. The audience member is invited to take part in a 'line up' and to repeat the line above to camera. The audio and video is fed directly to a database of all participants that can be viewed almost instantly on a computer within the venue. This creates an organic growth to the work, as more and more participants are recorded the work grows, giving the opportunity for repeat viewings of the work as it develops. The audience or participant involvement and interaction to the work is key, they are effectively creating the work by their own participation, putting the viewer in a position of co-creator, with their own interpretation of the line and creative expression to its delivery in their hands. The database, as it grows, enables the viewer to explore their own and others interpretation and interaction, the work becomes a seemingly endless police line up of suspects, all repeating the same line giving the line itself a duel focus and banality.